Lower your TCO with automation for your smart city operations be it a single or distributed environment without writing a single line of code.

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Distributed Computing

Distribute your computing network across largest network of hyperscale cloud platforms and edge datacentres. Gives option to your smart city project to scale from the cloud to the edge of your network seamlessly.

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Datacenter Network

Have access to the largest network of datacenters all across the globe for your smart city data compliance requirements.

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Monitor and manage all your smart city applications and workloads from a single unified console.This removes the complexity of managing different platforms for your IOT, data, cloud and AI requirements.

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Service Level Goals

Achieve your City Service Level goals and objectives by making sure your resources are running and your platform is available 24/7 for the public.

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Scale up or scale down your smart city project based on your city requirements and objectives.

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Solution Brief

Accelerate your smart city implementation for improved public service delivery

DROOTOO enables cities to improve agility with a one-stop option to create new services, enable more informed communities, improve decision-making and planning. Provision and optimize smart city IT resources on-demand from major service providers. Enable distributed computing to provide new ways to connect with citizens and businesses, ensure greater transparency and improve operations.

* Deliver key insights from city data and provide better services.

* Single sign-on-portal with multi agency unified visibility.

* Provide rapid provisioning of new city services, generate higher revenues and lower TCO.

* Utilize distributed cloud networking and computing to enable new businesses and create jobs

* Distributed cloud network with over 250+ datacentres, 30+ regions.

* Support cloud to edge city application deployments.

* Enforce granular control with role based access.

* Improve decision making whileplanning smart city projects.

* Have better governance and reduce taxpayer burden.