The New Normal

Continuous Innovation & Business Agility


November 2020 An advanced business planning and solution development offering for the post Covid-19 New Normal business world.

Plan for the future…

Organizations of all sizes are under increasing pressure to outperform expectations and challenges thrown by Covid-19.  As such, business planning, based on specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based criteria are more important than ever. Traditional strategies are often based on fuzzy goal-setting which yields inconsistent results. There are two options available for most businesses in this situation, either they contract or they expand their businesses in this weak macro economic environment.

Either Shrink or Grow


Key Performance Indicators

Drootoo’s The New Normal service is based on your strategy, initiatives, time frames and success factors. Consensus KPIs and the involvement of your entire cross-functional team are critical to the success of any product or service you market.

“I wish all of my partners thought like Drootoo”

Experience Matters

Drootoo’s subject matter experts initiate the process by listening, first, then collaborating with the subject matter experts of your cross-functional team.  No detail or experience is omitted, thus ensuring support from the C-Suite through the operations staff.  With KPIs built into the solution quantifying results is very straightforward.  With “agility” built into the solution, your business can respond rapidly, thereby, outpacing your competitors.

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The New Normal Solution Brief-V3.0

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