We at Drootoo, as a  Global Co-Sell Partner under Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner program, provides end to end products, solutions, consulting on Microsoft stack.  Having Microsoft as an early incubation partner of Drootoo through its Bizspark Program, Drootoo not only tested but also is an early adopter of Microsoft Technology be it Office 365 or Microsoft Azure for the last 7 years. Drootoo’s practice is led by former MSFT veterans to give you the assurance of our expertise on Microsoft as no other. Drootoo’s offerings are co-branded under Microsoft logo for the international enterprise market under Co-Sell partnership. 

Drootoo’s offerings on Microsoft can be procured directly from Drootoo’s sales teams, Microsoft’s marketplace and through Microsoft’s sales subsidiaries in the following territories:

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. India
  4. Malaysia
  5. Singapore
  6. United Arab Emirates
  7. United Kingdom
  8. United States of America

Drootoo listed here as an One Commercial Partner by Microsoft for global enterprise procurement.

Microsoft Azure

DROOTOO provides an end to end consulting for assessment, migration, architecture and on-boarding on Microsoft Azure. Helps to align a cloud migration strategy based on business KPI. DROOTOO also specializes in enterprise cloud architectures essential for new customers on-boarding on Azure from other CSP’s. A complete Microsoft Azure Lifecycle journey consulting from proprietary KPI based assessment on Microsoft Azure from on premise or any other cloud. Architect and develop custom CI/CD, Database, Data pipeline solution based on your organization needs and Microsoft Azure  support using Azure DevOps. Resource provisioning across clouds. Data/Database migration in a secured manner to clouds. Setting up security guidelines, process, regulatory policies and compliance for an organization on cloud environments. Small and medium business application life cycle management from pipeline to customer on-boarding in a SaaS software model using cloud native solutions like Azure DevOps.
Read More about Drootoo’s Unified Azure offering on Microsoft website here: Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Data Platform

Data Platform and Business Intelligence environment architecture, optimization, security and resiliency is a critical aspect for every organization. Drootoo believes in a unified approach to solve the challenges of data sprawl, data swamps and disconnected silos of data and applications. Our expert led consulting services covers the entire spectrum of Microsoft data platform products, especially, SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Databricks, Azure Synapse, Power BI Business Intelligence, Integration Services ETL, Reporting Services reports, and AI, ML and related products and services. These include all supported features, including high availability via clusters or Always On, Disaster Recovery and other enterprise grade high performance, security and resiliency options. Be it a sounding board for a new project or helping prepare and implement a Request for Proposal for application and infrastructure migrations, we are here to be an unbiased, trusted advisor and help.

Read More about Drootoo’s Unified Data Platform  offering on Microsoft website here: Microsoft Data Platform

Smart City Platform

DROOTOO with its experience in smart cities globally, enables cities to improve agility with a one-stop option to create new services, enable more informed communities, improve decision-making and planning. Provision and optimize city IT resources on-demand from major cloud providers. Enable cloud computing to provide new ways to connect with citizens and businesses, ensure greater transparency and improve operations.

Read More about Drootoo’s Smart City Platform  offering on Microsoft website here: Smart City Platform

The New Normal Business Program

Are you and your company ready to take advantage of the post-covid recovery? The “wave” will usher in many new business practices and opportunities. The questions for you and your team will revolve around four basic themes (KPIs):

• Business agility • Risk mitigation • RoI/TCO • Accountability

The assessment process begins with the acknowledgement of where your company is on the following chart:

Either Shrink or Grow

It’s to be expected that many companies will “exit” or “decline” for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the inability to accommodate agility. We will work with you and your team on the “reinvent” vector to assess, consider, plan, execute, and measure your KPI driven business plan, from strategy trough go-live. Leverage the vast knowledge within your company to deliver differentiated products and services (I.e., Business Plan).

Read More about  The New Normal Business Program on Microsoft website here: The New Normal Program

Contact us or click here at  [email protected] for more information on Microsoft Platform offerings from DROOTOO. You can also contact your local Microsoft Account representative to learn more.