Q: What is DROOTOO ?

DROOTOO is a Unified Cloud Platform that allows cloud lifecycle management spread across multiple public cloud endpoints. Have complete control of your IT infrastructure spread across multiple public clouds. It is a Single powerful console for major public cloud operations and enables distributed cloud computing.

Q: What is distributed cloud computing ?

Distributed Cloud Computing is the next generation concept of cloud computing where you can perform parallel cloud computing with workloads distributed across multiple cloud platforms in different geographic datacenters. The computing operations are performed in a synchronous manner. This concept helps in operations of edge computing where the edge may be mobile or distributed and would require the closest datacenter available to relay edge operational data for centralized processing.

Q: What is Multicloud used for?

Integrations with leading clouds harmonize behaviors across clouds so that you can develop scalable applications. Abstraction of compute, storage, and network resources provide visibility, analytics, and data across multiple leading public clouds. It provides solutions to used cases for IT organizations, from data lifecycle management , simple application migration, to DevOps automation across various cloud environments, and dynamic capacity augmentation within or between clouds.

Q: Who are the end users of DROOTOO’s platform?

Startups: DROOTOO is a non complex platform to support the rapid engineering environment of today’s startups. DROOTOO helps startups to focus on their core business and app development while streamlining the IT management requirement and processes.
IT Systems Operations : DROOTOO increases operational efficiency and improves visibility and control by delivering a single platform that works across multiple clouds, and users. DROOTOO gives speed and agility for users, while also controlling costs and ensuring governance control of IT infrastructure and data.
Developers : DROOTOO boosts productivity and decreases time to market with automated provisioning of configured images ,core applications and databases .There is no requirement for developers to learn about underlying public cloud architecture and API’s. Developers can automate the deployment of builds and environments at multiple steps in a continuous delivery flow that may use a mix of public cloud resources.It had never been this easy to build test /dev environments.

Q: What clouds does DROOTOO support?

DROOTOO currently supports the major public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Engine. We are also going to provide support to Microsoft Azure soon.

Q: How is DROOTOO delivered?

DROOTOO is currently available as software as a service providing a single online console accessible from www.drootoo.com. Users need to sign up and can then login to the platform as a principal admin for their account.Login & Play.

Q: What kind of hardware configuration is required to use DROOTOO platform?

DROOTOO is an agnostic platform. You do not require any server, network, firewall or storage hardware devices. You just need a desktop, laptop or a client device with internet connectivity. The browsers which are supported are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and IE 11.

Q: What are the operating systems supported by DROOTOO?

DROOTOO supports both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Q: What are the different flavors of Linux available on DROOTOO?

The different flavors of Linux available on DROOTOO are:

Q: Can we build IT infrastructure across different geography using DROOTOO?

Yes.The datacenters supported are in:
South America
You can build your IT infrastructure spanning across different continents depending on your business and IT goals.

Q: How many zones are supported by the platform?

Currently we are supporting nearly 20 zones on our platform.

Q: What are the different storage disk options provided by DROOTOO?

The different storage disk types provided are :
General Purpose (SSD)
Provisioned IOPS (SSD)
Magnetic Disks
SSD Persistent Disk
Standard Persistent Disk

Q: How many users of the platform can be created ?

Currently there are no restriction on the number of sub users that can be created by the principal admin account.

Q: How is access control and permission assignment on the platform?

DROOTOO platform supports Role Base Access Control and user mapping on the platform. The platform provides you the option to create custom role and assign granular permissions for different operations. The role can then be assigned to users on the platform according to your IT governance rule. So users can perform only operations that they are associated with their role.