About Us

The Story So Far..

Drootoo is transforming businesses and making them high performing entities with its unified cloud platform. Have complete control of your IT infrastructure and data spread across multiple public clouds. Single powerful console for major hyperscale cloud services and enablement of distributed cloud computing .


In 2020, Drootoo was recognised by Financial Times and Straits Times as one of the fastest growing company in Asia. Drootoo was awarded Top 100 Asia Startup by Red Herring . We were also considered as 30 Mindblowing Company in Asia by e27 . At Cloud Expo Asia 2016, the company was able to get the 3rd position for highest customer visits. We were also awarded Bizspark Plus by Microsoft and AWS activate by Amazon.



The company was founded by veterans of IT industry who had the experience of being part of billion dollar product engineering teams. The team has deep understanding of the cloud & IT landscape combined with the vision to build technology that will help businesses in digital transformation.


The company strongly believes that all technology developed had to be easy for users to maximize benefit out of it.


Since its establishment in 2013 the company  had been partnered by National University of Singapore and National Research Foundation, Singapore. The company is also partnering with leading hyperscale cloud and datacenter providers.


“Drootoo’s mission is to transform businesses and make them high performing entities with its platform and technology. We believe that every company big or small should be able to have complete control of its infrastructure, data to spur innovation and business potential. “


 “Drootoo’s vision is to be World’s fastest, largest distributed cloud network which will help every business scale universally to its full business potential.”


“Drootoo’s value is that we are the real JEDI’s of business and technology world. Our honest and persistent actions helps to strike the balance in the business world. We NEVER EVER GIVE UP. “


The global pandemic has become a once in a century catalyst, disrupting the status quo and accelerating the adoption of digital transformation. Transformation is no longer an optional question of “when” but “how” in the minds of every business executive. There are two options for businesses : Contract and cease to exist or Thrive and expand in The New Normal. In The New Normal businesses are not just looking at one but multiple technology vendors to be exploited at the same time for greater business benefits. Cloud, AI and Data has just become like air, water and land..basic necessities for businesses to survive and thrive. Adoption of cutting edge 5G and iot networks are enabling distributed cloud to generate a data tsunami which businesses would like to exploit while maintaining security and privacy. At the same time finding the right human resource with all the expertise is becoming harder than ever. Drootoo’s distributed cloud technology and platforms are well poised to help your business become agile, reinvent and grow in this new digital, remote and data led business world. Our many decades of expertise and home grown distributed technologies ushers in continuous innovation to drive greater customer value.