Settings have to be configured before drootoo is effectively used by a business.

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Cloud KeysUsers | Roles

These options have been retired for non-admin users –  Admin |Permissions

Users get a quick overview and their profile info once setup.

Dashboard | Profile

Cloud Keys

drootoo aggregates info from other cloud platforms and provides a common management interface. Cloud Keys of different cloud platforms can be added to drootoo, to enable that.


Users can be added or deleted, and information about them like name, designation, contact info can be modified.


Permissions for various activities are grouped together into a role. Roles can be assigned to Users. This is how Users gain Permissions to perform activities.


Each organization is assigned a principal admin account that can be used to setup Users, Roles and Permissions for other Drootoo users of the same organization


Allow various activities to be performed on drootoo cloud platform. From creating a virtual machine, to deleting one, from adding storage to deleting it, everything can be done only with proper permissions being assigned to the user.

Once Settings are in place, users can logon to the drootoo smart cloud platform to access their Dashboard. The user Avatar helps manage their Profile info and more.


On successful login, the drootoo dashboard is shown along with an avatar for the user.


Every user has profile info that can be accessed from their avatar, and which can be updated

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