Cloud Keys

In order to manage other cloud platforms from drootoo, it needs the cloud keys. Hence, it is a key part of the Settings of a drootoo account.

Cloud Keys

Cloud providers – Amazon and Microsoft – allow programmatic access through API calls, with programs needing a key to be allowed access. Storing API keys allows various cloud provider accounts to be managed from drootoo.

For Amazon, use the “Add Amazon Key” button.

Cloud Keys – Amazon

The Amazon document “About Access Keys” shows how to create the Access API Key and Secret –

User is the name of an existing user in your drootoo account. Refer Users for more info. KeyName is a name we give to the information entered.

For Microsoft Azure, use the “Add Microsoft Key” button.

Cloud Keys - Azure
Cloud Keys – Azure

Subscription Id is associated with your Microsoft Azure account. “Find Your Subscription ID in the Windows Azure Portal” shows how to get that info via this video –


A Certificate has to be generated according to the Microsoft document “Certificates overview for Azure Cloud Services” which shows how to generate a management certificate.


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