Solution Brief

Unified Cloud Platform

Organizations must deliver greater value as they move to edge and distributed cloud computing to meet their business objectives. Reducing complexity, managing cloud spend, complying with changing regulations and delivering new insights on data from the cloud provide real challenges.

DROOTOO enables organizations to improve business agility with a one stop option to provision and optimize IT resources on-demand from major cloud providers. Accelerate innovation by enabling IT to more effectively collaborate with business owners to meet KPIs and realize the benefits of cloud services.

Simplify your cloud environment and scale cloud operations like never before. Enable distributed and multi-geo computing to achieve higher data governance for emerging use cases such as AI, edge computing, cloud migration and digital transformation.


This document describes the solutions brief of Drootoo’s Unified Cloud Platform that :-

  • Enables global distributed cloud computing from  a single user interface.
  • Delivers superior economics and greater operational efficiency to help improve operating margins.
  • Provides service agility and innovation with faster time to market and time to revenue.

Dramatically Simplify Cloud First Environments

  • SW defined 100% OPEX model across single or distributed clouds
  • Single sign-on portal with global visibility
  • Rapid provisioning to ensure resources are deployed quickly

Empower IT to meet key business KPIs

  • Support region to edge application deployments
  • Distributed cloud network with over 250 datacenters, 30+ regions
  • Enable multi-geo computing to meet HA and DR SLAs

Achieve Cloud Governance and Compliance

  • Eliminate cloud lock-in
  • Enforce granular control with role based access
  • Multi layered security with live auditing/reporting, cloud firewalls, key pairs

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