Drootoo announces commitment to support new Microsoft Azure datacenter region in Malaysia

Singapore, September 17, 2023 :  Drootoo, a Microsoft global partner, today announced its commitment to support new Microsoft Azure datacenter regions in Malaysia.

In April, Microsoft announced that it will establish its first Azure datacenter region in Malaysia as part of its commitment to support inclusive economic growth and deliver trusted cloud services locally. The new datacenter region will provide data security, privacy, and the ability to store data in-country. It will also establish Azure Availability Zones to enable additional resilience options for highly available applications and to support Microsoft sustainability goals.

Drootoo, a distributed cloud company, will provide full integration support for the new Azure datacenter regions through its flagship Unified Cloud Platform and Smart City Platform offerings. Drootoo will also provide technology solutions, training, and transformation consultation for Malaysian businesses to help them seamlessly transition to Azure.

Drootoo’s Unified Cloud Platform makes it easy for users to migrate and start using the hyperscale Azure cloud services without any coding knowledge or cloud engineering skills or experience. The platform helps businesses easily set up internal cloud centers of excellence without the need for external consulting services. Drootoo’s Smart City Platform helps municipalities accelerate the roll-out of smart city services on demand, enabled by continuous integration and deployment.

Malaysian authorities are expecting that the new transformational technologies will provide a boost to the country’s digital economy and create an array of job opportunities.

“With the hyperscale Microsoft Azure datacenter being based in the country, Malaysia is on the cusp of a digital revolution. This will leapfrog the nation from relying on heavy capital-expense-based private cloud technology to the agile world of hyperscale and distributed cloud capabilities. New career opportunities will be created in Malaysia, and Drootoo is glad to be part of Malaysia’s ‘new normal’ transformation enablement journey, empowered by Microsoft,” said Abhishek Basu, Chief Executive Officer of Drootoo.

“Building digital infrastructure is fundamental to advancing a nation’s digital economy. The planned Microsoft Azure datacenter region will enable the Malaysian government and businesses to reimagine and transform their operations,” said K Raman, Managing Director for Microsoft in Malaysia.

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