All data transferred to the cloud has to be eventually stored on disks. Users and applications generate data as they interact with your cloud environment. To ensure there is enough space to store such data, and match the pace by which it is being created, it is important to provision Storage for your drootoo account.

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Disk | Add Disk | Delete Disk


Disks comes in various sizes, types and their cost varies by cloud provider. Learn about the major types and understand when to use them.

Add Disk

Before data is generated by users or apps, we can ensure that adequate storage is available by adding disks of suitable sizes. We get to choose the cloud provider,  zone, disk type and size when adding disks.

Delete Disk

When specific disks are no longer needed, they can be deleted. Do ensure that such disks do not have data that is still being used, or could be required in the future.

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