Virtual Network

A virtual network is a dedicated network on your cloud provider. It is associated with a Zone.

Virtual Network
Virtual Network

Add Network option is available for Amazon and Azure.

Virtual Network – Add Amazon
Virtual Network - Add Azure
Virtual Network – Add Azure

Regions offered by the cloud provider can be selected.

Virtual Network – Add Amazon – Region
Virtual Network - Add Azure - Region
Virtual Network – Add Azure – Region

For Amazon, a Dedicated network option is available using the Tenancy option.

Virtual Network - Add Amazon - Tenancy
Virtual Network – Add Amazon – Tenancy

For Amazon, please refer for Linux, and for Windows instances.

A single CIDR block can be assigned to a Network, and helps create single or multiple subnets.

Virtual Network - Add Amazon - CIDR
Virtual Network – Add Amazon – CIDR

For Amazon, please refer

Tenancy value determines whether the underlying hardware is shared or dedicated for our use by the cloud provider.

For Amazon, please refer

Once the network is created, below Tenancy, we get the options for Subnet and Route Table.

Subnet and Route Table

Once Network is added, the Details options can be used to edit the settings.

Add Route Table is completed by providing a name and a description.

Add Route Table

On adding the Route Table and clicking Details next to it, we get the following.

Route Table

Add Route gives the following options

Add Route
Add Route

A Route Table and associated Destination CIDR value is to be provided here.

Add Subnet also requires a name and CIDR value.

Add Subnet

Example value

Example Subnet
Example Subnet

Virtual Network options setup the network internal to the Cloud provider. Subnet and CIDR determine the number of nodes, Security Groups control access to instances.

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