Getting Started with Cloud Services

Getting Started with Cloud Services

When we buy a computer, we gain access to computing and storage resources. The usage of these resources depends on the amount of work to be done in our organizations and departments. It is usually observed that such computing and storage resources are not optimally used. There is also the question of maintaining the operating systems and programs on these systems with relevant updates and antivirus options. Such work calls for specialized IT manpower to manage operations.

On-Premise IT

Wouldn’t it be convenient if some other organization bought and maintained these systems for us with their IT specialists, allowing us to use them when we needed it and accepting payment for only the computing work done? That is the promise of the cloud – transforming capital intensive IT infra into pay-as-you-go IT services.

Cloud computing vendors maintain these computing, storage and network resources in data centers across the world. Data retention and access is governed by local laws. These data centers have dedicated lines ensuring high speed Internet connectivity. This enable users across the world to access their systems, according to their permissions, via the Internet.

When we use the cloud, a part of our organization’s IT infrastructure resides in the cloud providers’ data centers. It remains accessible to us based on our cloud services subscription.

Cloud Systems

The options available in Drootoo depend on your account with cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Services. We will quickly look at how to get started with them.

Microsoft Azure

Visit and select from the available options. Microsoft offers

* Pay-as-you-go

* Prepaid Subscriptions

* Buy from a Microsoft Reseller

* Enterprise Agreements There is also the option of a free Azure account to get started –

Amazon Web Services

Visit and use “Create an AWS Account” to get started. The free tier includes benefits to get us started and pay-as-you-go option is available for further usage. For getting computing resources by the hour, there are options available. The full list of pricing options is at

Google Cloud

Visit and use the “Try It Free” option to get started. Pricing details are available at

drootoo Smart Cloud

Once you have setup any one of the cloud services accounts, a drootoo account  delivers a single, simple, automated, intuitive management console for your users to create and manage resources on the cloud.

Drootoo provides many benefits even if you are using only one cloud provider. Users are added with role based security to permit only authorized actions. Their activities are logged for audit and compliance. Automation of tasks does not need programming or scripting as it is part of the Drootoo UI itself.

With multiple cloud provider subscriptions, drootoo can be used to setup and manage resources across them as seamlessly as done on a local network.

Do Smart. Do Cloud. Welcome to drootoo!