Imagine a fast growing industry suddenly reaching a stage where technology changes and startups have introduced volatility to the extent where the structure of businesses are being changed to survive and fight. Welcome to the computer hardware, storage and network equipment industry.


Challenges and how the cloud can solve it

  • Frequent new products and category innovation define and redefine the sector’s constantly shifting landscape.

Embracing the cloud as a market can help manufacturers bag orders from cloud and data center solution providers. Greater integration of products with cloud services can help.

  • Profit margins and market share are under siege from disruptive, often well-funded startups and other aggressive competitors

Cloud based productivity, email and collaboration software can help firms become more nimble, and come up with better products through seamless collaboration of design, manufacturing and supply chain teams. This is what is helping startups keep pace with established vendors. Adopting the same tricks successfully will help market leaders keep abreast with the pace of innovation.

  • Widening revenue streams is the only viable option for long-term survival

Cloud, IoT and VR represent areas with potential for high growth in the years to come. These are in need of innovative products and services. Treating them as a market and adopting them to change mindsets in the company is a step in the right direction.

Sales are growing fastest for companies that ship generic storage hardware to big cloud providers, IDC says


  • Information Anytime, Anywhere: Manufacturing companies often keep data-heavy applications in-house, such as inventory management, logistics, customer relationship management, planning and forecasting. This leads to challenges with accessing information on-the-go. With the cloud, organizations can provide these applications over the internet.
  • Lower TCO: Cloud computing offers real opportunities for manufacturing companies to lower the cost of their IT infrastructure. IT resources can be purchased based on requirement and need not be kept idle.
  • Seamless Integration of Systems: Manufacturing companies have to maintain relationships with suppliers, distributors and key customers. They share logistical and supply chain information with partners in order to keep their supply chain as efficient as possible. This is often done by exchange of differently formatted data at periodic intervals or as the need arises.

With cloud computing, virtually any business application can be stored in the Cloud and integration can be done using Web Service Calls that exchange data and activities on the fly –

  1. Planning and forecasting tools
  2. Customer relationship management
  3. Enterprise resource planning
  4. Supply chain management
  5. Financial management
  6. Human resources
  7. Order and inventory management
  • Get IT up and running quickly: Cloud service is as easy as like a click of a button. It can be operated from any part of the world from a single login. No need for hardware and set up of data centers.
  • Manage your cash flow with low monthly fees: Cloud computing is available on monthly rental basis among other plans. The rationale of cloud billing is pay as per your usage. This also allows the clients to use the latest and advanced technology which is provided by cloud providers at no extra cost.
  • Use IoT solutions for automation: Automation of factory and manufacturing processes is taking place at a  rapid pace using Robots and IoT solutions. These are usually supported by cloud based services as well.

Advantage with DROOTOO’s  unified cloud platform

Many services are available from multiple cloud vendors in different countries. For requirements in a specific country, there could be a need to use different cloud providers. With multiple cloud vendors offering many services, for different purposes, at varied price points, and requiring many setup and configuration steps, it makes sense to use Drootoo Unified Cloud Platform to take away the complexities and allow users to focus on getting their work done.

  1. Complexities of setup and configuration are hidden and a simple, easy to use interface is provided to the users. This lowers barriers to allow everyone from suppliers, distributors and employees to collaborate together.
  2. Users can compare services from multiple cloud vendors to select a suitable one. Depending on the country, required services could be available from different vendors and it is cumbersome to use multiple sites to manage those. It also helps if all relevant information is available in one place. From a legal perspective, it is important to adhere to the laws regarding data storage and this is enabled by region based service selections.
  3. Many repetitive tasks, involving various cloud vendors, can be done with a few clicks or selections. They need scripts or programs on the cloud vendor portals. Reducing this complexity for business analysts enables them to perform such repetitive tasks quickly and easily.

Strategic Advantage Through Closer Integration With DROOTOO

Customers are adopting DROOTOO unified cloud platform for distributed cloud operations management from One place with a simple, easy to use interface. Integrating your storage, network or hardware solution with the DROOTOO interface allows customers to manage their Cloud and DataCentre resources from the same place, and differentiates your solution from the competition.

It is possible to save Time, Money and Effort with Drootoo smart cloud as you take advantage of cloud computing to sell innovative systems to the future generations.

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