Shipping & Oil Rigs

Shipping industry has some very interesting case study and implementation of cloud computing. Power Instrument is a company that services power equipments in two hundred ships  sailing across the entire Asian waters. The challenges to maintenance of power equipment can have a huge impact on shipping. It can cause delay in the shipping lines and overall how do you know what to fix when the ship is in the middle of the sea.


To address these kind of situations there has to be proactive and alert servicing. This is done by transmitting real time data from ships to the dock control stations. This is done through satellites to the land base. Once the data is received in the base it is immediately transmitted to the cloud via 10 G direct connectivity leased lines. Intelligent Systems running predictive analytics informs the Power Instrument’s engineers the state of power equipments in the ships.     This helps Power Instrument to provide pro active servicing by sending service boats to the ships before any outage happens.


This is also applicable for oil rigs located in the high seas. It requires oil companies to have minimum staffing and yet the remote ability to be aware of the real time conditions of equipment’s at its offshore rigs. Using Drootoo’s Unified Cloud Platform and a  distributed cloud architecture helps them to use multiple cloud vendors for a geographically scalable operation.



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