Data Protection

Cloud Computing

Data Protection challenge is to have application consistent backups and granular level recovery.

We build data protection tools for enterprise applications: SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Hyper-V and VMware. We help storage vendors to integrate storage capabilities like snapshot, clone, SAN/NAS, replication and vaulting to application layer.


We understand each application feature and their corresponding integration with storage. Applications major features: Full backup, transaction logs, Point-in-time & up-to-minute restore, clone to local/remote servers, SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance, SQL Server Always ON, Exchange DAG, SharePoint granular and platform level backups, cluster shared volumes, Hyper-V & VMware virtual machine, backup scheduling & retention policy.

We develop these tools using C#/.Net, VSS Famework, vCenter API, PowerShell modules and Java technologies.

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Key Points:

·         Application consistent backups

·         Granular level recovery

·         Provision & Clone of application objects

·         SQL Server Always-ON

·         Exchange Database Availability Groups (DAG)

·         Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Framework

·         Reporting and Events / Alerts

·         Scheduling and retention policy of backups.

·         PowerShell cmdlets

·         Common management console